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Is this a ghost story or was it just a long hiatus?

‚Ello people (or other beings)

It’s been a while since my last post, I know. I lost the thing you need for writing a blog. What is it you ask? Computer? No, he’s fine. Hands? Fortunately, that is not the issue either, otherwise my life would be kinda eerm….you know…fucked. (Props to all those people without a hand or two for being able to manage their lives) Ok, I’m blabbing again. The thing that I lacked? ‚twas DRIVE. The urge to write. And then also the content. I didn’t read as much towards the end of last year and then just…once quite a lot of time passed, I was more and more reluctant to write anything. So here you have it.

What made me change my mind and actually write something? Maybe with so many changes in my life and so many things that I find hard to cope with I need some place safe. Something that keeps me sane. Usually that place is beside my boyfriend (don’t tell him that 😀 he already knows) but most of the week, actually half but it feels like eternity, I’m someplace else. So I need to find my place to be able to make it on my own.

I’m actually thinking whether to post this or not…Also, why am I writing in English when this blog is supposed to be in Czech? I guess I just started with „‚Ello people“ and it kinda happened. So I guess from now on this blog will be in bilingual? 😀 I’m deeply sorry if you don’t understand both languages and can’t read and enjoy the great things I write. Actually, I’m not 😀 Also, sarcasm happens a lot these days when I write….or talk…or breathe 😀

I guess that’s enough for an update of „What what what? What the actual fuck is happening? Is she crazy? Or what?“

Have a nice day. Bye bye!

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